Aerial applicators are only allowed to take your last 5 credits in the archived version in Alberta and Manitoba. Saskatchewan allows you to take all of your credits via archived version. You can take all 15 recertification credits required via live webinars over your five years. Email Tim at or call him at 1-877-977-6774. Archives include:


Seminar Name Category Class Credit
Acute and Chronic Toxicity Health and SafetyAll Classes and BC Dispenser1(AB,SK,BC,MB)
Agricultural Health StudyHealth and SafetyAll classes and BC Dispenser1 (AB,SK,BC)
Alberta Legislation UpdateRegulationsAll classes1 (AB)
Applying IPM to Manage Canada Thistle, Scentless Chamomile and ToadflaxPest ManagementAerial, Agriculture, Forestry, Industrial, Landscape and BC Dispenser1(AB,BC,MB,ON)
Benefits of NotificationRegulationsAll Classes and BC Dispenser1 (AB,SK,BC,ON)
Benefits of PesticidesPest ManagementAll Classes and BC Dispenser1(AB,SK,BC,MB)
Biobeds - Re-thinking pesticide waste disposalApplication TechnologyAerial, Agriculture, Industrial, Landscape, Forestry and BC Dispenser 1(AB,SK,BC,MB,ON)
Biological Weed Control AgentsPest ManagementAerial, Agriculture, Industrial, Forestry, Landscape and BC Dispenser1 (AB,SK,BC,MB,ON)
Biomonitoring of Pesticides in CanadaHealth and SafetyAll Classes and BC Dispenser1(AB,BC,MB)
BiopesticidesPest MangementAll Classes and BC Dispenser1(AB,BC)
Changes to Pesticide LabelsRegulationsAll Classes and BC Dispenser 1(AB,SK,BC,MB,ON)
Developing New PesticidesRegulationsAll Classes and BC Dispenser1(AB,SK,BC,MB)
Environmental MonitoringEnvironmentAll Classes and BC Dispenser1(AB,SK,BC,MB)
Factors that Affect the Leaching of HerbicidesEnvironmentAerial, Agriculture, Landscape, Industrial, Forestry, Greenhouse, Aquatic1(AB,BC,ON)
Fatigue ManagementHealth and SafetyAll Classes and BC Dispenser1 (AB,SK,BC)
Fundamentals of Micro-Meteorology-Part 1Application TechnologyAerial, Agriculture, Forestry, Industrial, Landscape1 (AB,BC,SK)
Fundamentals of Micro-Meteorology-Part 2Application TechnologyAerial, Agriculture, Forestry, Industrial, Landscape1 (AB,BC,SK)
Glyphosate-Re-evaluation status and hazards of useHealth and Safety Aerial, Agriculture, Forestry, Industrial, Greenhouse, Landscape1(AB,BC,ON)
Half-life, Bioaccumulation and BiomagnificationEnvironmentAll Classes1(AB,BC)0.75(ON)
Hazard Assessment for Handling PesticidesHealth and SafetyAll Classes and BC Dispenser1 (AB,SK,BC,MB,ON )
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for VegetationPest ManagementAerial, Agriculture, Industrial, Landscape, Forestry and BC Dispenser1(AB,BC,MB,ON)
Inversions: An Applicators PerspectiveApplication TechnologyAerial, Agriculture, Aquatic, Biting Fly, Forestry, Industrial, Landscape 1(AB)
IPM FundamentalsPest ManagementAll Classes and BC Dispenser1(AB,BC,MB,ON)
IPM-Principles and TechniquesPest ManagementAll Classes and BC Dispenser1(AB,BC,MB,ON)
Measuring Up-Accurate measure is keyApplication TechnologyAll Classes except fumigation1(AB,SK,BC)
Open Bodies of Water LegislationRegulationsAll Classes1(AB)
Overview of Selective Application Technology Agriculture, Industrial, Landscape, Forestry, AerialAgriculture, Industrial, Landscape, Forestry, Aerial1(AB)
Perception of RiskHealth and SafetyAll Classes and BC Dispenser1(AB,SK,BC,MB)
Pest Control Products ActRegulationsAll Classes and BC Dispenser 1(AB,SK, BC,MB,ON)
Pesticide Applicator RecordsApplication TechnologyAll Classes1(AB,SK,BC,MB,ON)
Pesticide InspectionsRegulationsAll Classes 1 (AB,SK)
Pesticide Investigation and Labelling Incident AnalysisRegulationsAll Classes1(AB)
Pesticide Monitoring in AlbertaEnvironmentAll Classes1(AB)
Pesticide ResistancePest ManagementAll Classes and BC Dispenser1 (AB,BC,MB,ON)
Pesticide Shelf LifeAll Classes1(AB)
Pesticide StorageRegulationsAll Classes and BC Dispenser1(AB,SK,BC,MB,ON)
Pesticides and Social LicenseProfessionalismAll Classes1(AB,BC)0.50(ON)
Pesticides and WaterEnvironmentAll Classes and BC Dispenser1(AB,BC,MB,ON)
Plant Alleopathy and Chemicals in IPMPest ManagementAerial, Agriculture, Industrial, Landscape, Forestry1(AB,BC,MB,ON)
Professionalism and Professional BehaviourProfessionalismAll Classes1(AB,BC,MB)
Protecting PollinatorsEnvironmentAerial, Agriculture, Forestry, Landscape, Industrial1(AB,BC)
Question Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader RegulationsAll Classes and BC Dispenser1(AB,BC,MB)
Reducing Your Environmental Impact Using IPMEnvironment Aerial, Agriculture, Industrial, Landscape, Forestry and BC Dispenser1(AB,BC,MB,ON)
Reduction in Pesticide Use using IPMPest ManagementAerial, Agriculture, Industrial, Landscape and BC Dispenser1(AB,SK,BC,MB,ON)
Reporting Spills and ReleaseRegulationsAll Classes1(AB,BC,ON)
Review of Alberta Provincial LegislationRegulations All Classes1(AB)
Review of Provincial Regulations RegulationsAll Classes1(AB)
Rinsate ManagementApplication TechnologyAll Classes and BC Dispenser1(AB,SK,BC,MB,ON)
Soil Microorganisms-Your Underground Assistants in Pesticide DegradationEnvironmentAerial, Agriculture, Industrial, Forestry, Landscape, and BC Dispenser 1(AB,SK,BC,MB,ON)
State and Status of PollinatorsEnvironmentAerial, Agriculture, Forestry, Industrial, Greenhouse, Landscape, Aquatic, Structural1(AB,BC)
Sublethal Effects of 2,4-D on Amphibians and WildlifeEnvironmentAerial, Agriculture, Aquatic, Industrial, Forestry, Landscape and BC Dispenser1(AB,SK,BC,MB,ON)
The World of TankmixingAll Classes and BC Dispenser1(AB)
Using Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Weather Stations to Make Pesticide Application RecordsApplication TechnologyAerial, Agriculture, Industrial, Forestry, Landscape, Aquatic, Biting Fly and BC Dispenser1(AB,SK,BC,MB,ON)
What to Wear Lets Take Personal Protective Gear SeriouslyHealth and SafetyAll Classes and BC Dispenser1 (AB,SK,BC,MB)