Shaffeek Ali's Profile

Shaffeek Ali
Shaffeek Ali graduated from the University of Alberta with a B.Sc.(Ag) in 1975 and a Masters in Agriculture degree in 1982.

Shaffeek retired from Alberta Agriculture in 2006 after over 30 years of service. During that time he has worked in weed research, weed extension including home study courses and urban and industrial vegetation. Other areas of work include pest management program planning and evaluation with municipal governments, Federal and Provincial Parks, Public Lands and Forestry. Shaffeek has extensive experience in weed and pest regulations, pesticide mode of action, pesticide performance and environmental impact.

Shaffeek is a Professional Agrologist (P.Ag.) and a very active member with the Alberta Institute of Agrologists. Over the years, Shaffeek has been associated with a number of professional organizations both national and international. These include: the Canadian Society of Weed Science, Alberta Institute of Agrologists, Western Society of Weed Science, North American Weed Management Association and Western Plant Board. He has held executive positions on the Board of these organizations.